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Bat Face Sunshade Curtain

Impossible not to crack a smile when you see your Bat Pet in action!

Potential Halloween parade winner!!!




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Weight 0.19 kg
Dimensions 170 × 240 × 25 cm


This funny and creative car window cover for shading also serves as an UV protection shield.

Discover: This shading curtain has a hole in the middle for the dog to stick his head out. Satisfy the dog’s curiosity about the world and feel the world with a keen sense of smell!


Safety: sunshade offers UV protection for skin and eyes. Cloth with small hole provides extra restraint to your dog, inhibiting dangerous jumps and positions.


Style: Anti-ultraviolet high-elastic polyester cloth, sun protection and heat insulation, printed with dark-style big bat pattern


Functionality: the hem of the shading curtain adopts elastic tightening design. Put the shading curtain on the car window and fix it with stickers. Easy installation!


Product information:

Material: Polyester

Color: gray

Package contains 1 sunshade rear window cover

Product picture:

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